NAAIAP Components

The Programme has the following components:

1. Kilimo Plus

Which comprises of Inputs grants, agro-dealers network development and soil testing.

Input Grants (Subsidy)

This is a one off assistance to beneficiaries through provision of an inputs grant for basal and top-dress fertilizers and seed enough for one acre. In addition beneficiaries are capacity build with an aim to empower them, strengthen their organizations, mobilize resources for investment in agriculture and join mainstream produce markets.

Agro-dealers Network Development

This is aimed at providing training to agro-dealers to enhance their network development and contribute towards their accreditation and improve Public Private Partnerships between the Government and inputs suppliers.

Soil Testing

This sub-component aims at addressing environmental and soil health concerns to ensure effective and efficient use of technical package. This is to avoid blanket national fertilizers recommendation which is not appropriate technology transfer.

2. Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme

This is a credit component targeting smallholder farmers and agro-input dealers and other value chain players in the grains and horticulture sub sectors. The package also comes with capacity building with a view to enhance access and usage of various financial services for investment by the beneficiaries.

3. Agribusiness Promotion and Kilimo Insurance

Agribusiness encompasses promotion of modern farming and refers to the commercialization of farm production. Networking to enhance use of appropriate innovations in agricultural machinery and farming methods, and techniques for achieving economies of scale in production, diversification of products and the creation of new markets for consumption and global trade. This is a key component in helping farmers to commercialize and put in place sustainability and livelihood resilience mechanisms.

Under the component linkages with service providers on crop index based insurance that will enable the beneficiaries of Kilimo Plus to access inputs in the event of adverse weather leading to crop failure or significantly reduced yields will be initiated. The service will be pegged on a premium of 5% value of inputs issued to beneficiaries as is the current practice. Total crop failure will require supply of a full inputs package. The contracted service provider will put in place a simplified and transparent compensation scheme for the purpose.