Welcome to National Accelerated Agricultural Inputs Access Programme

NAAIAP was initiated in 2007-2008 by the Government through the Ministry of Agriculture to address low farm productivity by offering targeted subsidy in form of technical inputs to resource poor farmers in order for them to increase yield and production to meet household food security and generate surpluses for increased household incomes.


To be the lead program in facilitating farm inputs access and affordability by smallholder farmers for improved food security and poverty eradication.

NAAIAP Mission

To contribute positively towards improved livelihoods of 2.5 million smallholder farmers, through the promotion of access, utilization of farm inputs and provision of support services.

NAAIAP Objectives

The primary objective is to improve farm inputs (fertilizer and seeds) access and affordability for smallholder farmers to increase usage and thus enhance food security/availability at the household level and generate incomes from sales of surplus produce. The program aims at:

• Improving agricultural productivity and output at farm level for 2.5 million smallholder farmers with one (1) hectare or less of land.

• Mobilize farmers‟ resources and promote efficiency in their utilization and re-investment in agriculture.